Age employment discrimination lawsuit recently filed in New York

Aging is a natural part of life. While many people may experience different ups and downs along the way, numerous individuals can continue to work and remain an important part of the companies where they have often dedicated decades of their lives. Of course, some older individuals could face employment discrimination simply due to their age.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit has been filed in New York City due to this type of issue. Apparently, the Health and Hospital Corp. undertook an effort to lay off 400 managers last year, and during the course of this action, they made efforts to terminate older managers in particular. The lead plaintiff in the class action lawsuit is a 67-year-old man who had held the position of assistant director of mental health services at an area hospital.

The claim went on to state that 86.3 percent of the managers dismissed were over the age of 40. Overall, individuals in this age group only made up 80.4 percent of the entire managerial workforce. Additionally, individuals between the ages of 60 and 70 made up just 20.2 percent of managers but made up 30.1 percent of those fired. The HHC did not provide comment on the pending litigation.

Employment discrimination is a serious issue. When older individuals feel that they have been unjustly targeted for layoffs or faced other unfair treatment, they may have reason to learn more about their legal options. Tackling this type of problem can seem intimidating, but having experienced attorneys on their sides could help concerned New York residents seek justice.

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