Human resources should properly handle sexual harassment claims

Being harassed can make any New York resident feel unsafe. In a best case scenario, the victim would have the ability to get away from the harasser and to a safe place. Unfortunately, that may not always be a viable option, especially if the situation involves sexual harassment taking place at work.

Still, even workplace harassment can be addressed. Victims may first want to report the incidents to their human resources department in hopes of having the issue looked into. Hopefully, the HR representatives will listen to the claims and work to determine the best course of action for investigating and handling the complaint. Providing all the necessary facts to the HR department could help to ensure the claims are properly investigated. 

After gathering this information, it would work in the victims’ best interests for representatives to take action in a timely manner and to keep the victims’ complaints as confidential as possible to offer protection. It is not uncommon for parties to face retaliation or further harassment in efforts to get the victims to retract their statements. If an investigation indicates that the harassment did occur, proper disciplinary action is necessary.

It is often frightening for victims of sexual harassment to come forward with their claims. They commonly fear not being believed or that their complaints will go unheeded, and unfortunately, those outcomes do occur. If New York workers have been harassed on the job and their HR departments or superiors did not properly handle the claims, they may want to gain information on their legal options for seeking the justice they deserve.

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