Legal action sometimes needed after employment discrimination

While many New York residents may not completely enjoy their jobs, they likely still feel that they can get through their work-related duties in relative peace. Unfortunately, that may not be the case for a number other workers. Some individuals can face employment discrimination that can make their workdays dreadful.

One worker in another state had to contend with such mistreatment. According to reports, the individual worked for a contractor and had been promoted to a backhoe operator. While on the job, a foreman used a racial slur multiple times. The backhoe operator — who is black — complained to the employer about the foreman’s actions. However, the foreman was not disciplined in relation to the situation, and instead, the employee was demoted to pick-and-shovel work.

Eventually, the worker was terminated from his position. As a result, the individual filed a legal claim against the former employer citing discrimination. Recently, the employer decided to settle with the former worker for $25,000. The company must also develop policies to prevent discrimination on the job and provide anti-discrimination training. The company did not provide comment for the report.

Employment discrimination should not be tolerated. Unfortunately, many workers who face such mistreatment may not know what to do in order to address it, and in some cases, like this one, they could face retaliation for their complaints. Fortunately, New York workers in this type of situation do have legal options. Enlisting the help of a legal advocate could help negatively-treated workers find the path to help them seek justice.

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