New York sexual harassment lawsuit stems from ignored complaints

When people go through a difficult or traumatic experience, they can often feel isolated and alone. They may not know where to turn for help, and when they do seek help, they may not receive the desired outcome. Unfortunately, many individuals who have suffered from sexual harassment in the workplace can feel this way.

In cases where internal complaints of workplace harassment are not properly addressed, legal action may prove necessary. This situation affected a former law clerk in New York. In relation to her case, she stated that a judge sexually harassed her, and after she filed her complaint with the human resources department, she received a demotion. Additionally, the court system’s sexual harassment policy was changed.

The changes made to the policy directly affected the woman and her complaint as each change related to the way in which she filed her complaint or related to the “substance” of her complaint. As a result, she submitted her complaint to the Chief Administrative Law judge, and she was fired two days later. She has filed a lawsuit claiming sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

It can often feel hopeless when complaints of sexual harassment go unaddressed and when victims face retaliation as a result. As this case shows, victims of this type of harassment do not have to accept injustice. They can explore their legal options and determine whether moving forward with a lawsuit could best suit their needs. Consulting with New York attorneys could help interested parties obtain evaluations of their cases and find out what courses of action may prove most useful to them.

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