Sexual harassment investigation focuses on the Spotted Pig

Workers should have the ability to work in healthy and safe environments. Unfortunately, too many workers face sexual harassment and discrimination on the job. As a result, they may dread going to work and fear for their safety. Fortunately, it’s possible to look into such actions and work toward rectifying any wrongdoing.

It was recently reported that an investigation is currently taking place in New York involving the restaurant Spotted Pig as well as its majority owner Ken Friedman. Allegations relating to the case state that employees feel that the restaurant’s work atmosphere is “highly sexualized.” The investigation hopes to obtain records relating to any sexually suggestive activities in the workplace, which may include nude photographs and inquiries into the sexual availability of workers.

It was also reported that celebrity chef Mario Batali is a part of the investigation as he allegedly used a party room at the restaurant, in which two women claim to have been sexually assaulted by him. The report goes on to state that both Friedman and Batali have been accused of sexual assault, and the restaurant’s party room has even been referred to as “the rape room.” Both Friedman and Batali declined to comment on the investigation for the report.

Instances of sexual harassment in the workplace can run rampant. Unfortunately, many individuals feel frightened about coming forward or uncertain about what steps to take. If New York employees, such as the ones involved in this situation, believe that they have been mistreated in the workplace, they may want to take the time to speak with attorneys about their legal options.

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