Employment discrimination case reaches settlement

Most people go to work wanting to complete their tasks to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, some circumstances may prevent them from putting their best efforts forward, and some of those issues could relate to facing employment discrimination. When workers face unfair treatment, their careers and their desires to perform well may be negatively affected.

New York readers may be interested in a discrimination case that took place in another state. Reports indicated that a man who was described as African-American and Sicilian faced unfair treatment while working as a sheriff’s deputy. The worker stated that he missed out on assignments and faced harassment due to his race and had to contend with co-workers using racial slurs. It was also reported that a stuffed panda toy had been hung from the ceiling by rope, and another deputy stated that the toy represented the man due to being half-black and half-white.

The man filed a lawsuit against the county for discrimination. The lawsuit was recently dismissed after the man and the county came to a settlement regarding his claims. The county will pay the man and his legal counsel $645,000, and the two opposing parties will not make disparaging remarks about the other.

Employment discrimination is an unfortunate reality, but it is not one that individuals must simply accept. New York workers can take the time to explore their legal options and determine whether their circumstances may warrant a claim. Working with knowledgeable attorneys may allow them to find their best courses of action.

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