Settlement reached in New York employment discrimination case

Needing certain accommodations affects many people with disabilities or other conditions. When workers need extra help to complete their jobs or need time away from work to address medical issues, their employers should assess the situation and grant reasonable accommodation requests. However, not every employer takes proper action in these situations, and individuals could face employment discrimination.

It was recently reported that a class action lawsuit in New York regarding pregnancy and disability discrimination recently came to a settlement. According to reports, a nursing home company will pay $465,000 to an undisclosed number of workers who faced discrimination from the company. The settlement also states that the company has agreed to address its leave of absence, attendance and discipline policies to coincide with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The situation began when a pregnant worker requested time off due to serious complications associated with her pregnancy. Her employer gave her 30 days’ leave but told her that her job would not be held for her during that time. At the end of that leave, she was fired from her job. The company also reportedly failed to accommodate and provide leave to other disabled workers.

Any type of employment discrimination can have negative effects on workers. If other New York employees have faced similar situations, they may wonder how to address the injustice they face. As this case shows, it may be necessary to take legal action to hold employers accountable for their actions and to pursue compensation for resulting damages. Consulting with attorneys experienced in employment law may help concerned workers understand their legal rights and options.

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