Wage theft, other violations impact several restaurant workers

Workers often face a number of difficult situations at their places of employment. Some of those issues may involve customers, co-workers or management. In cases where management is involved, employees may suffer due to mistreatment and violations of their rights. In particular, wage theft is a serious problem that affects numerous workers.

New York readers may be interested in a wage theft case currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that nine current and former workers of a restaurant filed a legal complaint alleging that their employers did not properly compensate them for their hours worked. Many of the workers carried out serving duties and should have received tipped wages. However, management split the tips among themselves as well as kitchen staff, who were not eligible for tips. As a result, the servers did not receive the proper minimum wage.

The workers also stated that their manager would harshly scold them and use “very ugly words” for minor slip-ups or for no reason at all. One worker also stated that his hours were reduced in retaliation for complaints even though he did not directly complain to management. It was also alleged that management would not let workers take sick days, even after suffering injuries on the job. One worker claimed to have suffered a hand injury due to having to use intense cleaning chemicals on the job, and management would not let the worker take leave.

Having to face a number of employment violations at work can make anyone’s life miserable. As this case shows, workers can suffer a great deal in various ways at the hands of those in charge. If New York workers have had to contend with wage theft and other unnecessary hardships on the job, they may want to determine whether they have cause to pursue legal action.

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