Eliza Dushku claims sexual harassment complaint led to firing

Even with the awareness of just how rampant sexual misconduct is in the workplace, efforts have not resulted in employees finding themselves free from harassing behaviors. Unfortunately, many individuals in New York and elsewhere continue to suffer from sexual harassment while on the job. Additionally, many employees continue to face negative repercussions for complaining about the harassment as well.

It was recently reported that actress Eliza Dushku claims that she was harassed and then fired from working on the CBS show “Bull.” The show stars actor Michael Weatherly, and Dushku claims that Weatherly made several harassing comments, including asking if she wanted to go to his “rape van.” Dushku stated that when she took the job, her character was to appear in three episodes at first with the likelihood of becoming a regular character later on and potentially having a six-season stay on the show. That changed after confronting Weatherly.

Dushku stated that Weatherly claimed that she did not get his humor after she addressed his harassing behavior. Dushku believes that she did not overreact to his comments and other actions, but she and her character were written off the show soon after the confrontation. Weatherly stated that he was “mortified” after Dushku expressed that his actions made her uncomfortable and apologized. Dushku reportedly received a $9.5 million settlement from CBS regarding the situation.

Though more awareness has come to this issue, it will likely be some time before sexual harassment in the workplace lessens. Individuals in all professions and industries can suffer from such misconduct, and if New York workers have been caught in such a predicament, they may want to explore their legal options. Evaluations of their cases from experienced attorneys could help them determine whether they have reason to move forward with legal action.

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