Overtime pay violations mean workers lack proper compensation

Some people do not particularly enjoy their jobs, but they do appreciate the income they are able to generate. Of course, many New York workers and those across the country often feel that their wages are in the hands of their employers. So even in cases where individuals fulfill their work hours or even work overtime, they may not receive the proper compensation if an employer is not forthright.

It was recently reported that nearly 70 workers were affected by wage violations in another state. Apparently, the individuals worked for Senor Tequila Inc., which operates restaurant establishments in various locations. According to complaints, workers who received tips were not properly paid for overtime hours, and they were not compensated for time worked before and after their shifts.

The restaurant operators did not properly calculate overtime pay and made cash payments for which they did not keep records. The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor found the restaurant owners in violation of wage and hour laws. As a result, they must pay back wages and damages to 68 workers to the total of $279,269.

Coming up short on a paycheck or working hours and not receiving proper compensation can seem confusing to certain workers. They may not even understand that they have rights and that their employers do not fully control their pay. If employers violate wage and hour laws, New York workers do have available legal avenues they could utilize in hopes of having these violations exposed and rectified.

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