Settlement reached in employment discrimination case

In many religions, there are specific daily practices that individuals participate in or items of clothing that they wear in accordance with their beliefs. Though these practices may be very dear to their religious identities, some New York residents could face employment discrimination due to their religions. If so, they may need to take legal action against the wrongdoing.

It was recently reported that a restaurant in another state recently came to a settlement with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a former employee. The worker had accused her former employer of religious discrimination due to making her choose between complying with clothing requirements for the job or wearing her hijab. Details on when the woman left the job or whether she was let go were not given in the report.

The owners of the diner believe that they did not discriminate against the worker. Legal representation for the restaurant stated that a settlement was reached in order to avoid the costs of litigation. As part of that settlement, the former worker will receive $2,500 in back pay and $22,500 in other compensation. 

Religious beliefs can play a significant role in the lives of many people. When their employers discriminate against them for those beliefs, it can be disheartening and damaging. New York workers who believe that they have faced employment discrimination due to their religions may wish to gain reliable information on their legal options for addressing such wrongdoing. Speaking with knowledgeable attorneys could prove useful to interested parties who would like guidance.

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