Employment discrimination can negatively affect mental health

It is not unusual for people to have preconceived ideas about other individuals. They may think certain things about another person just because of that person’s race, gender or other factors. When this type of mindset results in mistreatment at work, it could fall into the category of employment discrimination. If so, those workers who are negatively affected may have reason to take legal action.

New York readers may be interested in such a situation that affected a worker in another state. According to reports, a former employee for Blizzard Entertainment claims that he was mistreated and bullied on the job over the course of several months in 2016 by another employee. The man stated that a female employee would joke about his Mexican heritage and claim that he was naturally sexist because of that heritage.

He filed complaints about discrimination and harassment with the company, but after filing his claims, he stated that the company retaliated against him with negative performance reviews, indicating that he was difficult to work with. He stated that he had not received a negative performance review until his complaints. He was eventually put on a leave of absence in 2017 due to having a nervous breakdown at work because the mistreatment had caused his mental health to suffer considerably. The man later resigned from his position in 2018 after he was placed on another leave.

As this case shows, employment discrimination can have major effects on a person’s career and health. Unfortunately, workers may not understand their legal options well enough to take action in time. If New York workers believe that they have faced discrimination on the job, they may want to speak with knowledgeable legal professionals about their rights and protections.

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