New York City employment discrimination now covers natural hair

Discrimination can come in many forms. Unfortunately, people of color often face racial discrimination in many different areas of life, including on the job. Employment discrimination continues to affect numerous people, but some legislators are taking more steps to help prevent this wrongdoing.

It was recently reported that New York City has created new legal enforcement guidelines relating to the discrimination of people based on their natural hair or hairstyles. This particular issue is reported as disproportionately affecting black people, and while the guidance applies to providers of public accommodation, like schools and nightclubs, it also applies to employers and employment settings. The need for such protections mainly stemmed from the stereotype that hairstyles commonly used by black individuals are considered unprofessional.

The legal enforcement guidance will also allow individuals to pursue restitution if they have been punished or harassed while on the job or in other public places due to their hairstyles or natural hair texture. It also prevents employers and others from utilizing policies that place bans on natural hair or require that natural hair is styled in specific ways, among others. Employers can also not force employees to change their hair to meet employer expectations.

When laws and guidelines change regarding employment discrimination and other topics, it can take time for them to become fully effective. Still, if New York employees believe that they have faced any type of racial discrimination on the job, they may find it useful to explore their options for seeking legal recourse. Speaking with employment law attorneys may help interested individuals gain more information on this new guidance and other discrimination-related topics.

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