Employment discrimination suit filed regarding age, mistreatment

It is not unusual for people to have mixed feelings about getting older. Some New York residents may not mind putting years under their belts and enjoy the experiences that come along with age. Unfortunately, some people may not feel as joyous, especially if they face mistreatment due to their ages. In some cases, this mistreatment may even include employment discrimination.

One woman in another state recently filed a lawsuit against her former employer for age discrimination. Reports indicated that the 59-year-old woman was supervised by a younger individual when she started her position in 2015. She stated that her supervisor would make jokes relating to her age, try to humiliate her and refer to her and another older employee as “the grannies.” The woman also stated that even though she performed her job well and received a raise, she found out that her job was listed as an open position two months later.

The woman questioned her supervisor about the open position, but nonetheless, she was later demoted and her previous position was filled with a younger and less experienced worker. Despite the woman’s complaints to the human resources department and to the president of the company, her supervisor was not reprimanded for his discriminatory behaviors. Additionally, the woman was again demoted and placed under the supervision of another person. The woman later resigned from her position and is currently pursuing her lawsuit for discrimination.

Employment discrimination of any kind can make workers’ lives more difficult in many ways. When the hostility becomes so negative that their livelihood is affected, it is wise for parties to consider their legal options. New York workers who believe they have faced aged discrimination may want to speak with attorneys about their possible courses of action.

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