Out-of-state workers claim wage theft over disabled-employee pay

Many individuals with disabilities struggle to find jobs and hold jobs more often than able-bodied people. As a result, they may try to keep any job they come across, even if they are not treated as fairly as others. Still, when disabled workers believe that they have been treated in a manner that violates the law, such as through wage theft, they may want to consider taking legal action.

New York readers may be interested in a lawsuit that was recently filed in another state. The class action suit involves disabled workers who performed duties for a nonprofit organization and who believe that they have been the victims of wage theft. According to reports, the workers were paid as little as 18 cents an hour for performing work that involved scanning and shredding documents and packaging and shipping items that went into “swag bags” for celebrities at award shows like the Grammy Awards and the Oscars.

Paying disabled workers below minimum wage is legal in the majority of states. However, an advocacy group representing these workers claims in the lawsuit that the employer did not obtain the required approval that would allow for the payment of 18 cents to $1.82 an hour. One plaintiff in the case stated that she has worked for the company for 17 years and has not been given more responsibilities or more challenging work.

Unfair compensation can cause considerable upset in a person’s life. As this case shows, even if laws are in place that allow for exceptions to certain wage and hour rules, it is important that those laws are followed correctly. Additionally, pointing out the issues with those loopholes could also prove useful in possibly bringing attention to harmful policies. If New York residents believe that they have been the victims of wage theft, they may want to consult with experienced attorneys about their legal options.

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