How much does workplace misconduct cost?

If you are a female who has experienced harassment in the workplace, you are not alone. And although it typically helps to know you are not the only one going through something, it can be tough to hear continual stories of women who experience sexual harassment by rich, powerful men.

No matter what your job is, there are state and federal laws in place to protect you from discrimination and harassment in your workplace. And if you wonder what it looks like to hold an employer accountable for their maltreatment, you might be interested in the deal Harvey Weinstein reportedly reached with those who accused him of sexual misconduct.

Weinstein agreed to a $44 million settlement

Multiple women accused Harvey Weinstein of sex crimes, for which he recently agreed to a proposed $44 million settlement. Of the agreed-upon amount, $30 million is designated for those who brought cases against Weinstein, while legal fees will consume the remaining $14 million.

But not everyone who brought allegations against the movie mogul agrees with the terms of the settlement.

How extensive are the allegations against Weinstein?

More than 80 women brought allegations against Weinstein. Among them are:

  • Annabella Sciorra
  • Ashley Judd
  • Pax De La Huerta
  • Rose McGowan
  • Wedil David

And while some of the women seeking to hold Weinstein accountable for their workplace harassment agree with the settlement, others allege that Weinstein’s team of attorneys will benefit most. Due to their experience in a hostile work environment, coupled with the movie director’s alleged misconduct, some of the women involved plan to seek further recourse.

What this settlement could mean for you

Movements such as #MeToo continue to shed light on problems of sexual harassment within the workplace. However, in light of such tragedies, it is important to remember you have rights.

If someone harasses you at your job, an attorney experienced in protecting the legal rights of employees can help you determine your best course of action.

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