Many workers continue to face age discrimination

Even though people are living and working longer, age discrimination continues to be a problem for workers in New York and across the country. A recent study shows that more than 20% of all workers age 40 and over report that they have experienced age discrimination first hand. Nevertheless, nearly seven in 10 people in this age group say they intend to continue working after reaching full retirement age.

The study was performed by Hiscox, which surveyed 400 Americans who were 40 or older. Researchers found that males were more likely to be affected by age discrimination than females. More than 40% of the men polled claimed they had experienced age discrimination while looking for work. Only 30% of women made the same claim. In addition, 39% of men felt their age was a barrier to advancement. Only 24% of the women surveyed made the same claim.

Although age discrimination in the workplace is still very common, very few ever file a complaint. Many people are not familiar with the process and may therefore feel overwhelmed by the idea of initiating a complaint. Still others fear retaliation or the possibility of creating a hostile work environment for themselves and others.

Anyone who has been a victim of workplace discrimination, whether it be due to age, race, national origin, religion or any other protected class, could take legal action. Speaking with an attorney can often help a victim understand their rights and decide whether or not to pursue a claim. Legal counsel could also fight for just compensation on the client’s behalf.

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