Multiple racial discrimination complaints filed in 2019

Those who work in New York and throughout the country are supposed to be able to do their jobs free from harassment, but racial discrimination may still happen. According to the TSA, two employees were suspended after a noose was found at a baggage screening area at the Miami International Airport. The TSA said that it did not tolerate racism while a representative for the airport had no comment. Furthermore, the TSA said that the display was taken down as soon as it was discovered.

The display was located in an area that was not available to the public. This was not the only incident involving racial harassment that has been reported in recent months. In March, UPS workers in Ohio said that they found a noose in a distribution center and that they were subject to other forms of racial harassment.

Two UPS employees were terminated in that incident, and new management was put into place at the facility where it took place. Another incident took place in June at a Boeing plant in South Carolina. The employee said that he found a noose located by his desk and that other employees had urinated near it. He also claimed in a lawsuit that the company retaliated against him after he reported these incidents.

Those who experience race discrimination in the workplace may be entitled to compensation from their employers. Compensation might include back pay after being terminated or retaliated against. Individuals who were demoted or terminated may be entitled to their former positions with full pay and benefits as if they had never left their post. An attorney may be able to help gather evidence of discrimination such as employment records or manager statements. Photos or videos might also help establish that a potentially illegal act took place.

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