Hockey team mascot accused of employment law violations

In New York and across the United States, employment law violations like sexual harassment continue to occur in various types of jobs whether in the hospitality industry, corporate jobs or entertainment. One recent complaint was filed by a woman in the sports industry who said that her male supervisor sexually harassed her.

NHL team mascot accused of sexual harassment

The man, who works as Bailey the Lion for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team, was suspended by the team after he was accused of sexual harassment. He has worked for the team since 2007. In addition to his duties as team mascot, he oversees game presentation and events for the club. The woman who filed the claim is asking for $1 million. He is alleged to have made sexually tinged comments, stared at her in a suggestive way and told inappropriate jokes.

According to the lawsuit, the woman clearly showed that she was uncomfortable with the behavior and wanted it to stop, and he subsequently fired her. She also says that another official with the Kings admitted the man’s conduct was unacceptable and asked her to return to the job with a promise to protect her. When she went back to work, the behavior continued. He allegedly came close to her, thrusting his hips toward her face, and she quit thereafter.

The man faced a previous harassment lawsuit when a male worker accused him of touching his backside as they rode in an elevator. This case was settled.

Seeking compensation for employment law violations

Despite the rise in complaints about sexual harassment due to social media campaigns and greater attention paid to the behavior, many people are still reluctant to speak out for fear of losing their job, being passed over for promotions and dealing with negative ramifications. It is important for those who have been sexually harassed or faced other employment law violations to understand their rights. Sexual harassment can include touching, comments, quid pro quo and other unwanted behavior. For assistance in pursuing compensation after this type of mistreatment, it may be helpful to have legal advice.

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