Were you denied a promotion because of your gender?

When you’re a loyal employee, getting promoted is both a sign of career progression, enabling you to improve your skills, level of responsibility and pay, but it is also a sign that your hard work is being recognized and that you are valued in your company. Therefore, getting a promotion can improve motivation and job satisfaction.

However, it’s common for employees who are eligible for a promotion to lose out to other colleagues because of their gender, whether that’s male, female, or non-binary. One study showed that 15% of those who identify as a woman feel unfairly denied a promotion in U.S. workplaces. If you believe that you lost out in a promotion because of your gender, this could be an example of gender discrimination. In this case, you may be able to take action to gain back damages that resulted in this promotion denial.

Is it illegal to deny a person a promotion based on gender?

Men are overrepresented in managerial positions across almost every industry. This means that, unconsciously or consciously, many people view men as the most natural fit for promotions. However, basing a decision about a promotion on a person’s gender rather than on their skills and experience is gender discrimination, and this is unlawful.

How can I take action if I believe that I have been denied a promotion based on my gender?

In order to take legal action as a result of being denied a promotion based on your gender, you should have a strong case backed up by evidence. For example, you should be able to show that your objective skills and experience were higher and more relevant for the promotion than the person who was promoted. You should be able to show that you were clearly the right choice, and, potentially, that there were comments made about your gender.

If you have lost potential income as a result of not getting the promotion that you deserve, make sure that you take action so that you’re able to gain the damages that you deserve.

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