Who faces the most workplace discrimination?

Workplace discrimination can take many different forms. A worker may be discriminated against because of their religion, for instance, or because of their gender. They may be discriminated against due to their race or even just because someone thinks they are part of a specific ethnic group — whether or not that’s even accurate. 

But have you ever wondered what workers face discrimination most often? This may be very important information if you think it’s happening to you. 

Percentages from the least to the greatest

Opinion polls tend to be a bit inaccurate because they’re based on perception, but one way to really look at discrimination statistics is simply to consider why people file complaints at work. When you do that, these are the percentages that you find:

  • 3.7% — Religion
  • 4.7% — Color
  • 9.6% — National Origin
  • 21.4% — Age
  • 32.4% — Sex
  • 33% — Race
  • 33.4% — Disability
  • 53.8% — Retaliation

If you’re doing the math, you’ll see that that is more than 100%. Keep in mind that some cases could involve multiple areas. For instance, a case of discrimination based on race could also have elements of color or national origin. In some cases, even when discrimination is clear, it may not be entirely clear exactly what grounds that employee is being discriminated against. 

What can you do if you’re facing workplace discrimination?

No matter why you are facing discrimination, you know that it is unfair and illegal, and you know you don’t deserve it. Make sure you also know what legal options you have to protect yourself and your career. 


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