Are you being undermined as a woman in the workplace?

Outside of your family and friends, your career is the next most important thing to you. You’ve worked hard for many years to climb up the career ladder. Facing many obstacles along the way, you’re thriving and have acquired a new position.

Unfortunately, you find yourself being undermined by your male counterparts. Sometimes, the discrimination is blatant, but it can often be more subtle. What are some of the more common ways that women are undermined in the workplace?

Prejudicial assumptions

Many people are under the impression that they can make a derogatory comment and pass it off as a joke. The bottom line is that if you are being made to feel uncomfortable at work, this is unacceptable. You work as hard as anyone else and should be respected accordingly. If you’re wrongfully being portrayed as overly emotional, then the problem lies with those who are making these assertions, and not you.

Disregarding your opinions

You should be judged on your experience, work ethic and the skills you bring to the table — not your sex. Sadly, it is still common for women to be talked over or shut down by their male counterparts.

Women in powerful positions commonly have to work much harder to gain the respect they are entitled to. Your voice matters as much as anyone else’s. You should never feel cast aside or undermined because you are a woman.

Employees are protected from discrimination at both the federal and state level. If you have been harassed or discriminated against at work, make sure that you assert the legal rights that are available to you.

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