Was your age the reason you were not hired?

You might know that it’s illegal for an employer to discriminate against employees. However, discrimination during the hiring process is also illegal. Unfortunately, many qualified job applicants are rejected because of their gender, racial background and age. 

Discrimination during the hiring process can be devastating, especially if you desperately need a job. Therefore, if you suspect your job application has been rejected because of your age, you should hold the hiring manager and company accountable for their actions. 

Here are signs your age was the reason why you were not hired:

A younger and less qualified person gets hired for the position you applied for

An employer should have a legitimate reason for hiring a person. While a younger person who meets the job requirements can get hired, you can determine if the employer discriminated against you because of your age if the younger person was less qualified.

For example, if a job advert says the employer is looking for a candidate with a master’s degree in a particular field, but they end up hiring a younger person with a bachelor’s degree, then you can prove there was age discrimination in the hiring process.

The potential employer specifically hires younger people

Most employers may not admit openly that they only recruit younger people. However, some employers discriminate against older job applicants to attract younger employees.

Sometimes, you may learn that a potential employer hires only young people during the interview when they make comments like, “we’re looking for someone a little younger,” or “you’re too old for this position.”

Some questions asked during the interview indicated age bias

Sometimes, hiring managers can ask questions that may indicate age bias. For example, they may ask you directly about your age, whether you’re considering retirement or how long you plan to continue working. While there may be no direct evidence that your job application was rejected because of your age, the hiring manager’s questions can indicate that they’re not considering older applicants. 

Finding lucrative job positions has become difficult. Therefore, if you experience discrimination while applying for a job, you may feel frustrated, anxious and depressed. Thankfully, if you’re a victim of age discrimination, you can make such an employer answer for their violations. 

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