Workplace retaliation: 5 common signs

Being an employer can be a tiresome job, but sometimes the job goes to people’s heads. As such, some employers try to take advantage of their position to harass or discriminate against their employees. This can cause serious problems for people looking to earn an honest living.

However, employees have rights that intend to protect them from such illicit actions. For example, employees have the legal right to feel safe in their workplace despite their character differences: age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, race or nationality. Yet, that doesn’t stop everyone, which may result in a harassment or discrimination suit. 

As a result, employers may retaliate, despite facing legal actions from an employee suffering from discrimination or sexual harassment. Here’s what you should watch for if you believe you’re facing workplace retaliation:

Know the signs of workplace retaliation

Retaliation can even happen before an employee takes legal action. It may even happen as a result of whistleblowing, even if whistleblowers have legal protection against retaliation. 

You may be a victim of retaliation if you notice the following:

  • You’ve lost wages: you may be a target of retaliation if there was an unwarranted, unspecified or obscure reason for losing your wages or having a pay cut
  • You’ve received a demotion or lost a promotion: this may happen if you were promised a promotion that was passed up or if your current position was reduced
  • You’re overworked: some jobs require people to work overtime, yet if you’re facing constant over time (possibly without pay) and find you’re overworked, then you may be a target of retaliation
  • You’re underworked: conversely, retaliation may happen if you find you’re losing more work to the point you’re not required at work
  • You’re experiencing exclusion: some jobs require employees to work as a team, which may no longer include you

If you believe you’re a victim of workplace retaliation, then you should ensure you understand your employee’s rights.

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