You deserve to be paid for off-the-clock work

Off-the-clock work is any work-related task you perform outside your regular paid work hours that you do not clock in and get paid for. It could be answering work emails at home, working during lunch breaks or completing paperwork before or after your shift. 

The few minutes you spend on such tasks may add up over time, and it’s only right that you are compensated for every minute worked. Under state and federal labor laws, employees must be paid for all hours, including overtime and off-the-clock work.

Documentation is key

If you find yourself working off the clock, it’s crucial to document all the extra time you spend on work-related tasks. Record the nature of the tasks performed, the date and time and any communication with your supervisor on the same.  This can help when addressing the issue internally or seeking legal recourse.

It also helps to ensure you accurately report all hours worked in line with your company’s timekeeping policies. Do not be afraid to point out any discrepancies with your supervisor or seek clarification from the human resources departments. Sometimes, this may be enough to resolve the matter.

Understand your legal rights

Should your employer refuse to compensate you for off-the-clock work or the issue has persisted for some time despite your efforts, it may be time to look into other legal options. You may have a valid wage and hour claim against your employer, and you could be entitled to damages like back pay, liquidated damages and even interests on unpaid wages, among others.

Seeking qualified guidance can help you determine the best course of action to assert your legal rights. Remember, you deserve a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work.

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