Rail worker voices concerns regarding wrongdoing on project

When workers suspect that their employers have not complied with the law or have participated in other wrongdoing, they may have worries about what to do. At first, they may want to trust their employers, but some actions may not be easily ignored. As a result, individuals may feel the need to report the wrongdoing through whistleblower claims.

New York readers may be interested in this type of case underway in another state. Apparently, a worker for a rail contractor indicated that he was terminated from his position as a quality manager for the company after making concerns about the project known. The man and other workers believed that the company was not complying with the rail project’s requirements. Specific details regarding this lack of compliance were not given in the report.

It was noted that the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Transportation had contacted the worker in regard to his claims. However, at the time of the report, an interview had not yet taken place. Legal representation for the rail contractor indicated that the company disputes the worker’s claims.

Whistleblower claims can be complex to address. Workers could face repercussions for their complaints regarding wrongdoing, but they could also draw attention to important issues that need addressing. If New York workers believe that they have reason to come forward with serious concerns regarding their employers’ actions, they may want to consult with legal professionals regarding blowing the whistle, possible protections and what effects these types of cases can have for the claimant and others involved.

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