Self employed gain benefits

Self-employed people typically work for themselves because they prefer it for a variety of reasons. However, they are not blind to the realities of being their own bosses, and one of those is the realization that when work is slow, collecting unemployment is not an option. For the most part, protections that an employee enjoys are not available to the self-employed. However, our New York readers might be interested to know that for New Hampshire self-employed workers, that tide is turning.

The state of New Hampshire is extending unemployment benefits to self-employed workers in the state. To qualify, the worker will have to meet certain guidelines, such as work requirements and other income gauges, and agree to participate in programs and services created specifically for self-employed workers. But it’s at least an opportunity to survive when times get tough.

This will be a huge relief to self-employed workers in the state. Now, instead of scrambling to find “real work” as many people demand, self-employed workers can focus on networking and finding more work to keep their small business afloat. Considering most businesses that employ people start out as a self-employed worker striking out on his own, it only makes sense that these workers receive some of the same protections their future employees might get. With the number of self-employed persons growing rapidly, these fledgling businesses should be nurtured so they can grow and in turn become employers themselves. It encourages job growth.

Even if you do not live in New Hampshire, some of the rights employees receive can extend to you. If you have an employment issue, it is wise to discuss it with a legal professional experienced in this part of employment law. Knowledge is vital when planning your next employment steps, no matter what they might be.

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