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March 2014 Archives

Don't blame the victims of sexual harassment

There has always been sexual harassment in New York City offices, both before legislation banned it and well afterwards. It is certainly unfortunate that this kind of behavior continues, both for the employees who have to endure the harassment, as well as the coworkers who are caught in the cross fire. Yet it was Anita Hill's Senate testimony that really brought sexual harassment and hostile work environments out of the shadows and into the public eye. Unfortunately for her, the senators before whom she was testifying and many members of the public blamed her for the harassment.

Managers need to get over their math bias

Close your eyes and picture a mathematician. What does this person look like? Is the individual male or female? If you are a hiring manager, you likely said "male." Even though it is ridiculous to think that men are better at math, science or engineering than women (and it is something that very few hiring mangers would be willing to say aloud), the fact of the matter is that many people in the position to hire individuals to perform math-based functions have a bias for men.

New York senator proposes paid medical leave for workers

Although the system is far from perfect, eligible New York employees are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 when they need to take time off for medical conditions or emergencies. Unfortunately, unlike 178 countries around the world that give employees at least some paid leave, the United States does not. This leaves many workers having to choose between caring for a sick child, for example, and paying the bills. What's worse, sometimes employers unlawfully deny the requests of employees for unpaid time off under FMLA.

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