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April 2014 Archives

Misclassification may cheat employees out of benefits, rights

When a friend or loved one gets a new job, one commonly asked question is about the employer-provided benefits. Health care coverage, stock incentives, retirement plans and other employee rights, benefits and perks seem to be a mainstay of full-time employment.

Gender discrimination: not as overt as before, but still present

Imagine working in an office in Manhattan and hearing a supervisor tell a colleague that she won't get a promotion because it is "not a woman's place" to be in charge of men. It is highly unlikely that any such supervisor would say something like that these days, but that is the kind of gender discrimination with which women have traditionally had to put up. Even though that kind of overt bias may no longer have a place in the office, it doesn't mean that gender discrimination is not alive and well in New York City offices.

Family and Medical Leave Act does not protect paternity leave

When a woman gives birth, she is often given paid time off to rest, recuperate and care for her child. Many women in New York can take paid maternity leave and do so to bond with their children. Unfortunately, there are no laws that force employers to pay for that time off. While the Family and Medical Leave Act does guarantee that women can take up to 12 weeks off following the birth of a child, that time is unpaid.

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