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Man allowed to bring his age discrimination lawsuit

With the economy the way it is, there are more and more people in New York who are working in their 60s and later. Many businesses and companies value these older workers, as they have far more experience and skill than their younger counterparts. Other businesses, on the other hand, are looking for younger employees who can devote many years to the company. While there are both pros and cons to hiring both older and younger employees, employers cannot participate in age-based discrimination.

MTA boss creates hostile work environment for direct report

When someone says "sexual harassment," what does he or she mean? One type of sexual harassment is quid pro quo, where a boss will punish an employee for refusing sexual advances or for ending a romantic relationship. It can also include basing promotions, raises and other important employment decisions on whether an employee will provide specific sexual favors.

Wage and hour issues plague Subway shops

It is unlikely that many patrons of the Subway sandwich shops located in New York spend much time thinking about how much those who work there are paid. As is turns out however, in many cases the workers are not being paid enough. A recent analysis of data from the Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division, found that in the course of a 13 year period beginning in 2000, Subways located throughout the nation accumulated more than 17,000 Fair Labor Standards Act violations.

'Felons need not apply' policy is not allowed in New York

When someone says "felony," what do you think of? Many people picture murders, serious assaults or bank robberies. What many people don't think of are the relatively minor crimes that are only considered felonies because they carry sentences of longer than one year in prison. The crimes that are classified as felonies fall on a broad spectrum, so knowing someone is a felon really gives someone no insight into the individual's background.

Employee accuses boss of not making religious accommodations

For some people in the Bronx, religion plays little or no role in their lives. They follow no religious codes and don't really celebrate religious holidays. For others, hoewver, religion and religious practices are part of their daily lives. They strictly uphold their religious codes. Since most people fall somewhere on a spectrum between the two, it can sometimes be confusing for employers on how best to respect their employees' sincerely held religious beliefs, but that is the employer's concern, not the employee's.

Former boss with ties to mob allegedly harasses former waitress

There are a number of people alleged to be connected to the mob in New York City, many of whom have had their fair share of run-ins with the law. One suspected member of the Gambino family mob is having his own legal problems now, but it is not for what many would suspect. The 59-year-old restaurant owner is being sued for creating a hostile work environment and failing to pay a former waitress the overtime pay she says she has earned.

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