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December 2014 Archives

Study reveals minimum wage violations in New York

When you factor in inflation, the federal minimum wage is at its lowest in many years, yet some employers continue to cheat workers out of their minimum wage and fail to pay overtime. This kind of violation is more common than people may realize, and much more can be done to protect workers from wage violations.

Employees should investigate before assuming they can take FMLA

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was developed to give eligible employees unpaid, job-protected leave to resolve specified medical or family issues. Even though the employee is not being paid while on FMLA, he or she has peace of mind knowing that his or her job will be available upon return. It is crucial to remember, however, that both employees and employers must meet certain criteria even before FMLA is an option.

Retaliated against at work? The law is on your side

One of our biggest concerns at Serrins Fisher is protecting workers from employer retaliation. Recently we discussed the ongoing legal battle being fought by a Nassau County sheriff's deputy who says she was sexually harassed at work and retaliated against by her employer. Unfortunately, these problems exist in workplaces throughout New York City, so let's discuss what constitutes retaliation and how it can be stopped.

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