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January 2015 Archives

Lawsuit describes egregious sexual harassment in fundraising office

No matter what form it takes, sexual harassment is unacceptable in the workplace. The harasser may act as though the harassment is an innocent joke, or as if the harassment is somehow a compliment. In other cases, harassment can take the form of inappropriate cartoons or drawings. If you have suffered any kind of sexual harassment -- whether it's quid pro quo or a hostile work environment -- then know that you are not alone and the law is on your side.

Restrictive covenants in New York: What you should know

Restrictive covenants are an increasingly common feature of employment agreements, and sometimes employers try to enforce restrictive covenants when they are not legally enforceable. In any case, it is important that you understand the scope of a restrictive covenant before signing off on one. Such covenants include non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements and non-solicitation agreements.

Harassment lawsuits lead to more protections for American Apparel workers

Taking legal action to stop sexual harassment in the workplace can right a wrong for the individual who suffered the harassment. In many cases, holding a harasser legally accountable also paves the way for wider protections being implemented in the workplace. In other words, often the individual who brings a legal claim to stop sexual harassment helps to ensure that others don't suffer the same mistreatment.

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