Former CBS producer says sexual harassment led to PTSD

No matter where you are when the incident happens, unwanted sexual advancements from a co-worker or supervisor can make your workplace hostile. You could be at your job, minding your own business or having a simple conversation, or maybe you’re at an office party, or at a restaurant or bar for happy hour — the location doesn’t matter — being sexually harassed is unacceptable.

The complexity of emotions that victims of sexual harassment experience often results in their having to quit their jobs. Helplessness, disgust, shock, frustration — these are all valid feelings that people experience. Sexual harassment unfortunately can also cause post traumatic stress disorder, and often this requires long-term therapy.

These issues have come up in a lawsuit recently filed on behalf of a former video producer at CBS. He claims that he was groped, kissed and sexually harassed by two higher-up producers. One incident allegedly occurred at a bar where the plaintiff had agreed to meet with one of the elder producers to get feedback from him regarding the plaintiff’s video real.

Another incident with the other senior producer allegedly occurred at a party.

According to the lawsuit, both incidents involved alcohol consumption on the parts of the higher-up producers.

Because of the harassment and unwanted sexual advances, the plaintiff reportedly had to quit his job. He says he now as symptoms of PTSD because of the ordeal.

While the claims in this case have yet to be proven in court, they are a powerful reminder of the painful effects of workplace sexual harassment. If you have been victimized by harassment in the workplace, then don’t hesitate to contact an employment law attorney to discuss your legal options.

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