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June 2015 Archives

Gay marriage ruling paves way for bans on employment discrimination

Throughout U.S. history, certain segments of the population have struggled to overcome discrimination. These groups are often in the minority and are singled out for somehow being different. From immigrant and religious groups to women and black Americans, hindsight is 20/20 and it's now hard to believe there was a time when a woman wasn't allowed to vote or a black man wasn't allowed to sit in the front of a bus.

Lawsuits allege that wage theft is rampant in home health care industry

According to, there are an estimated 76.4 million people who belong to the baby boomer generation. As these individuals retire and continue to age, a significant percentage will likely require some type of nursing care and assistance. As a direct result, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be increased demand for home and personal care professionals.

Court rules FedEx misclassified employees

U.S. labor and employment laws exist to protect U.S. workers from suffering or being subjected to discrimination, harassment, wage theft and unsafe working conditions. However, in order to be afforded many of these protections, a worker must be classified as a full or part-time employee.

Employers urged by OSHA to provide appropriate restroom access to transgender employees

In 2002, the New York City Human Rights Law was amended to prohibit discrimination based on a person's "actual or perceived gender." The Guidelines Regarding Gender Identity Discrimination further clarify the purpose and scope of the law, including the protections it provides to transgender people.

Job applicants and arrest/conviction history

Applying for a job can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. It can be particularly so for individuals with an arrest or conviction history. Getting a new job can sometimes be a big help in getting one's life back in order after an arrest or conviction and its aftermath. Thus, a lot can be at stake for a person with an arrest/conviction history when applying for a job.

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