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November 2015 Archives

Study: NYC employers discriminate against disabled applicants

A recent study by researchers at Rutgers and Syracuse University reveals the extent to which disabled New York workers can suffer from discrimination in the workplace. This past fall, researchers sent fake cover letters to various employers across New York. In many of the cover letters sent, the "applicant" revealed he or she also had a disability. Researchers found that disabled individuals were 25 percent less likely to receive a callback or interview for the position. Researchers noted it was surprising, even to them, the extent to which employers discriminated against disabled applicants.

Study: U.S. working women more likely to suffer age discrimination

According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, during 2012, the median age for U.S. workers was 41.9. By the year 2022, officials project that the median age of the U.S. workforce will increase to 42.6. Additionally, based on 2013 statistics, the average retirement age for working U.S. men was nearly 64 while it was approximately 62 for working women. It turns out there may be a reason why women, more than men, are choosing to retire as soon as they turn age 62 and are eligible for Social Security.

FMLA and an employee's dismissal

Enacted in 1993, the Family Medical Leave Act provides employees with job security protection in the event that he or she has a qualifying family and/or medical reason that, under FMLA, warrants a leave. During a 12-month period, employees with qualifying circumstances can take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from their jobs.

Amazon back in the news for allegedly violating labor laws

In an Aug. 25 blog post, we discussed a scathing New York Times article that detailed the allegedly abusive and discriminatory culture at Amazon. More recently the company has been named in a lawsuit which was filed by four of Amazon's Prime Now service drivers who accuse the online retailer and one of its contract companies of wage theft.

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