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April 2016 Archives

Uber suit settled, but categorization of drivers still an issue

New Yorkers are likely quite familiar with the Uber ride-sharing service. But what you may not realize if you are sitting in the back seat of an Uber or clicking through the app is that the driver you call on is at the center of a national discussion about employment categorization.

Could technology help reduce discrimination?

If you are a victim of workplace discrimination, one of the most frustrating challenges you can face is expressing how that discrimination has affected you. Too many people downplay this unfair treatment or assume that a person is simply overreacting or being overly sensitive to certain behaviors, actions or statements.

Unique workplaces present unique challenges in harassment claims

When people think of workplace sexual harassment, they often imagine scenarios that are carried out in an office environment with people who are in clearly-defined roles with formal job descriptions and an HR department to file reports with. While harassment can and does occur in these environments, it can also happen in other types of workplaces as well.

What should you do if you are being sexually harassed?

Sexual harassment encompasses any unwelcome sexual advances or other conduct in the workplace that creates an offensive, intimidating or hostile work environment. Although sexual harassment most often takes the form of men harassing women, both men and women-whether they are gay or straight-can be victims of it.

Does my condition qualify me for FMLA leave?

If you are asking yourself the question posed in this headline, you are probably already struggling with a health condition that has the potential to seriously upset your ability to do your job. Perhaps it has already started to affect your attendance or performance.

New York State's New Minimum Wage Schedule

Perhaps you've heard the excellent news that last Friday, April 1, 2016, the New York State Senate overwhelmingly approved a new minimum wage for New York State of $15 dollars an hour. This was the thrilling culmination of a hard-fought campaign that began years ago, with a small group of activists dedicated to the Fight for 15 movement, a movement some considered unreasonable and unrealistic.

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