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4 signs that you are experiencing unlawful workplace discrimination

Unfortunately for many, discrimination in the workplace is an unpleasant fact of daily life. If you are in this situation, you may think it is rather easy to spot the signs of discrimination. However, in reality, people who perpetuate discrimination or other abusive forms of behavior rarely make their real intentions known. As a result, it can be difficult to know when you are being discriminated against based upon your gender, race, religion, age, disability or because you are a member of another protected class.

Former Fox News anchor files sexual harassment lawsuit

Gretchen Carlson, a former news anchor at Fox News, has filed a lawsuit indicating that sexual harassment is alive and well in American companies. According to an article in USA Today, Carlson recently filed a complaint alleging that Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes, made "inappropriate overtures toward her." She also stated that she "endured sexist behavior" from one of her former co-hosts on a Fox program. Fox has "commenced an internal review" and Ailes has denied the accusations.

You're entitled to 'me' time, even on the job

The Fair Labor Standards Act helps to ensure that workers are paid a fair wage. It stays quiet, however, on the issue of whether or not employers must give their employees time away from their duties to eat lunch, make a phone call or simply use the restroom. Fortunately for New York State residents, the state has stepped in and filled the obvious gap.

Employees beware: non-competes are becoming more common

If you have been looking for a job recently, your employer may have asked you to sign a noncompetition agreement before it agrees to hire you. Employers may also do the same as a condition of continued employment or before you may receive a bonus or other benefits. A noncompetition agreement ("non-compete") is a contract that limits your ability to work for a competitor in the event of your termination or resignation.

Am I eligible for overtime pay? Part II

The topic of overtime is far from straightforward. Employees who are considered exempt at the federal level may be nonexempt at the state level. Workweeks may vary from worksite to worksite (e.g. a construction worker may work eight hours a day and five days a week while a nurse may be on duty for four consecutive days 10 hours a day), making it difficult to determine who is eligible for overtime and who is not. Employees may not realize that holidays do not mandate overtime pay while employers may not be aware that they are obligated to compensate their employees for travel time.

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