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September 2016 Archives

Can my boss require me to work overtime?

While the days of 9-5 pretty much vanished with the explosion of the tech industry, most employees (below executive level) still expect to work about a 40 hour week. So what happens when your boss, or simply the demands of your job, requires that you put in more hours than usual to get the job done?

Attorneys at Fisher Taubenfeld LLP (Formerly Serrins Fisher) Obtain Landmark Decisions From New York Appeals Court Expanding Availability of Public Whistleblower Claims

In a landmark decision overturning more than 20 years of precedent, New York's Appellate Division, First Department recently held that a city employee is not required to file a Notice of Claim with the city before suing as a whistleblower.

Do contractors have the same rights as employees? Part I

Contractors are typically hired by a company to work on a project for a relatively short period of time. Occasionally, however, a contractor can end up working for a company for months or even years. When that happens, the line between "contractor" and "employee" can easily become blurred. So before determining your employee rights, it is important to understand whether you are truly a contract worker or an actual employee.

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