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February 2017 Archives

Lawsuit: unfair wages in the NFL are nothing to cheer about

We often read about the multi-million dollar contracts professional football players sign every year. The story goes that if a player has performed well or shows great potential, franchises will pay huge sums of money to sign that player. In fact, there is a salary cap in place to keep teams from paying players too much.

Pregnant workers: What you should know about accommodations

If you are pregnant, chances are that you have a lot on your mind. It is, after all, one of the most significant life events you can experience. Pregnancy can also take an incredible toll on a woman physically and mentally. With all this in mind, it should not be surprising that many pregnant women benefit from certain accommodations in the workplace.

2 types of sexual harassment

When people think about sexual harassment in the workplace, they often imagine a sensationalized scene involving overt sexual commentary and actions. While such a scene does certainly play out in workplaces across New York, many cases of sexual harassment are more subtle and harder to define.

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