Employment discrimination may hinder promotion chance in New York

Facing any type of discrimination in life can be harrowing. Unfortunately, many individuals have to deal with unjust actions based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion and other personal aspects. When employment discrimination takes place, parties may feel particularly devastated by the wrongful actions to which they are subjected as those actions could negatively impact their financial and personal livelihood.

New York residents may be interested in a case of discrimination that has led to legal action in another state. Reports indicated that a Chinese-American man who has worked as a police officer for 15 years filed a legal claim after being passed over for a promotion. However, his claim also indicates that he has faced multiple instances of discrimination while on the job in recent years.

The man stated that he applied for a certification program, but despite turning his application in on time, his application was denied for being untimely. Additionally, the man stated that he was not given requested overtime though his white co-workers were. In relation to the promotion, the man received the eighth-highest score on the promotional exam, but he was given fewer service points than white officers, which resulted in his score ranking dropping to 13. The man hopes that his lawsuit will allow him to receive back pay and compensation for legal expenses.

Many individuals work hard in hopes of achieving promotions and other successes during the course of their careers. When employment discrimination hinders those hopes, many New York residents can feel disheartened. However, as this case shows, such situations may warrant legal action in order to rectify this type of wrongdoing.

Source: providencejournal.com, “Chinese-American police officer files discrimination suit against City of Providence,” Jacqueline Tempera, Aug. 17, 2017

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