Sexual harassment can create hostile New York work environments

Working in a hostile environment can make life difficult for anyone. For some, this type of environment may be created by employers or co-workers who choose to act inappropriately in the workplace. Unfortunately, sexual harassment and gender discrimination can easily cause this type of hostile atmosphere, and in some cases, legal action may be necessary to address the situation.

New York residents may take interest in such a case that recently came to a settlement in another state. Reports indicated that a former employee at a virtual reality company filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming sexual harassment as well as wrongful termination. The woman stated that individuals at the company treated her and other female workers unfairly, and that the woman was subjected to inappropriate comments regarding her body from a manager.

The claim also stated that the woman received unfair compensation compared to male workers, and she was apparently also dismissed from her position, which she claims was wrongful termination. The recent report stated that the lawsuit has come to an end as the company agreed to a settlement. Details regarding the terms of the settlement were not given.

Most people go to work in hopes of having a fulfilling day carrying out their necessary tasks. As this case shows, however, many individuals often have to face unfair treatment that can make their jobs and lives unnecessarily difficult. If New York residents believe that they have faced sexual harassment or other unjust actions in the workplace, they may wish to consult with experienced attorneys regarding their potential options for action.

Source:, “VR company Upload settles sexual harassment lawsuit”, Shannon Liao, Sept. 7, 2017

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