Federal False Claims Act allows whistleblowers to take action

When a person suspects that wrongdoing may be occurring at his or her place of employment, it can take a considerable amount of courage to speak up. In many cases, employees may fear retaliation from their employers if they file a report about their concerns. Unfortunately, this type of action could occur, but the Federal False Claims Act offers protections for whistleblowers.

New York residents may be interested in such a case that recently came to an agreement in another state. Reports indicated that a former hospital employee filed a claim, stating that the facility submitted false Medicare claims. The employee took part in the lawsuit under the False Claims Act that allowed her to act on behalf of the government. Additionally, the act will also allow her to obtain a portion of the recovery.

The hospital involved in the suit recently agreed to pay over $7 million in order to address the allegations. As a result, the former employee will obtain $1.2 million of that amount. It was also noted that she will gain an additional $850,000 as recompense for wrongful termination on the part of the hospital. 

Though an individual may want to do the right thing when it comes to addressing wrongdoing in the workplace, he or she may not always understand the available options. Information on the Federal False Claims Act could help concerned New York residents determine whether their situation may warrant legal action. Additionally, speaking with knowledgeable attorneys could also allow interested parties to obtain assistance and reliable information on how to go about handling this type of case.

Source: usnews.com, “South Carolina Hospital to Pay $7 Million for False Claims”, Sept. 27, 2017

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