Sexual harassment causes feelings of betrayal, mental scars

When a New York worker is harassed in the workplace, the actions can go far beyond simply making a person feel uncomfortable. Sexual harassment in particular can cause parties to have physical repercussions, fear for their jobs and face lasting psychological problems as well. When it comes to the mental aspects of such harassment, many people may overlook such consequences.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment can easily lead to emotional and mental distress. The results could range from developing anxiety, whether in particular situations or in general, to severe post-traumatic stress. Additionally, these symptoms can not only last for years, but it may also take years for them to show up, especially if an individual attempts to repress the memory. As a result, a victim could easily suffer tremendously negative effects from experiencing sexual harassment.

Individuals can also experience various levels of betrayal associated with the harassment. They may face betrayal trauma in which a workplace superior harasses them by manipulating an otherwise positive relationship. Institutional betrayal could come about if the place of employment does not take necessary steps to address the harassment. Lastly, a person could experience betrayal blindness which occurs when the victim attempts to ignore feelings of betrayal.

Sexual harassment can affect a person on multiple levels. Even just one type of negative impact could affect a person’s life in a considerable way. If New York residents have had to face such harassment and feel that the issues have not been properly addressed, they may wish to speak with experienced attorneys who could help them understand their legal options.

Source:, “How sexual harassment can affect mental health”, Julia Carpenter, Jan. 26, 2018

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