Time’s Up may help New York workers address sexual harassment

Though sexual misconduct allegations have been swarming through the media as of late, many of those stories focus considerably on the high-profile individuals involved. While it is true that many celebrities have come forward as victims and survivors of sexual harassment and assault that they have faced during their course of their work, they are not the only ones who have dealt with and still deal with such issues. Unfortunately, this problem remains prevalent in many industries.

New York residents may be interested in an off-shoot to the #MeToo movement. Many celebrity woman have come together in order to begin Time’s Up, which is an effort to help individuals in blue-collar work industries obtain financial assistance for legal aid. Because many people in lower-paying jobs cannot afford legal help, they often simply continue to deal with sexual misconduct at work or leave their jobs.

In particular, individuals in the service industry have a considerable chance of facing sexual harassment. For parties who receive tipped wages, the feeling that they must put up with such behavior in order to receive a tip is all too common. In fact, restaurant workers are among the top tier when it comes to those who face sexual harassment on the job.

For individuals who feel that they have no option but to put up with sexual harassment, every day can be a struggle. However, legal options are available for addressing these issues. Restaurant workers and other individuals in New York who have faced such mistreatment on the job may wish to speak with knowledgeable attorneys regarding their options.

Source: fastcompany.com, “Where Will 2018 Take The #MeToo Movement?,” Pavithra Mohan, Jan. 18, 2018

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