Employment discrimination can affect those with disabilities

Numerous people across the country have a disability in one form or another. The type of disability and its effects differs from person to person. In many cases, individuals have found ways to handle their conditions without them causing tremendous difficulty in their lives. Unfortunately, even though these parties may know that, with slight accommodation, they can do what other able-bodied individuals can, they may still face employment discrimination.

New York readers may be interested in one man in another state who faced such circumstances. The man reportedly had some sort of medical condition that made it difficult for him to work at night. While working at a container-cleaning company, he had apparently worked on the midnight shift for over a year. However, due to his undisclosed condition, he requested a move to day shift.

Rather than receiving the accommodation, the man was dismissed from his job. He believes that the action was a form of disability discrimination, and he has taken legal action against the container company. He claims that the situation has caused him to experience humiliation and emotional anguish while also causing him to lose wages and benefits.

While disabilities can make certain tasks more difficult, those challenges do not necessarily make individuals less capable. When individuals face employment discrimination due to their disabilities, they may feel that the unjust treatment should be addressed. In many cases, this type of scenario may warrant legal action, and information on possible options may help negatively affected New York workers determine how to best handle their situations.

Source: wvrecord.com, “Tank cleaner accuses former employers of disability discrimination”, Lhalie Castillo, March 23, 2018

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