Call center contractor accused of wage and hour laws violations

It is not unusual for people to not fully understand the laws and regulations that apply to their employment. Many New York residents may simply be happy to have a job, and they may not take the time to fully understand their rights. Unfortunately, some employers may take advantage of this lack of knowledge and violate wage and hour laws.

It was recently reported that a federal contractor associated with call centers across the country is facing complaints regarding this type of violation. The call centers work to help individuals with insurance policies covered under the Affordable Care Act, and the wage theft has apparently been going on for more than five years. Approximately 10,000 workers were affected by the situation.

The theft apparently took place by classifying workers in lower-paying positions than in the ones they actually worked. As a result, workers were underpaid by the contractor. The report indicated that over $100 million in wages went unpaid to call center workers at the 11 locations associated with this situation. A representative for the Communication Workers of America filed the complaints, but the contracting company indicated that its workers are not represented by the CWA.

When wage and hour laws are not properly followed, workers could lose out on much-needed compensation. If employees feel that they are not receiving their proper pay, they may wonder what they can do about such issues. Fortunately, New York residents with such concerns can take steps to obtain more information on wage theft and their options for addressing possible violations.

Source:, “ObamaCare call center contractor accused of wage theft”, Peter Sullivan, April 23, 2018

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