When discrimination leads to job loss, legal action may be wise

Most people in New York and elsewhere face some sort of treatment that they consider unfair at some point in their lives. However, there is a considerable difference in perceiving an act as unfair and facing discriminatory actions. Discrimination in the workplace is a serious and prevalent issue, and if individuals believe that they have been seriously mistreated by an employer, they may need to take action.

One man in another state recently achieved a favorable outcome in a lawsuit he filed against his former employer for discrimination. Reports stated that the man worked as a pediatrician and was terminated from his position in 2014. The man, who was born with cerebral palsy and is 73 years old, believed that disability and age discrimination played roles in the decision to dismiss him from his job.

It was unclear what evidence was provided to support the man’s claims, but the jury ruled in his favor regarding the disability discrimination claim. This outcome resulted in his being awarded approximately $2 million. His former employers claim that neither disability nor age discrimination contributed to the man’s termination, and they are apparently planning to appeal this recent decision.

When workers believe that discrimination played a part in any area of their employment, they may not know what do to. Hopefully, their employers provided procedures for reporting such actions within the company. Of course, supervisors do not always take the proper steps to address claims, and when a person loses his or her job, filing a complaint with a department may not be an option. If New York residents have faced such a predicament, they may find it helpful to speak with employment law attorneys.

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