Workers at packaging plant owed compensation after wage theft

Many people have various goals in life. For numerous individuals in New York and across the world, having a job that provides a stable income is one of those goals. Some people may feel grateful for the employment they obtain, but they may also be taken advantage of through acts of wage theft.

It was recently reported that a lawsuit has been filed against an out-of-state business for this violation. Apparently, employers at a food packaging plant had failed to properly compensate workers for overtime hours worked. The situation involves over 350 individuals who either currently work for or previously worked for the packaging plant. The violations have apparently spanned the last five years.

Many of the workers who have been affected by this wrongdoing did not even know that they should have received overtime benefits. Often, they worked over 100 hours per week, and still, they were appreciative of the jobs they had. The report stated that approximately $1 million are owed to the workers. Some of those employees are owed thousands of dollars individually, and one worker is apparently owed as much as $24,000. 

When workers do not understand their rights, it can be difficult to determine when wrongdoing has occurred. Unfortunately, many employers take advantage of this lack of knowledge in order to commit wage theft and other violations. If New York workers have experienced this type of mistreatment, they may want to find out more information on their legal options. In some cases, it may be necessary to file lawsuits in order to seek justice and rightfully deserved compensation.

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