Employment discrimination fuels the glass ceiling concept

Most people work hard at their jobs in hopes of advancing in their chosen career paths. Advancement often means promotions, raises and other benefits that could allow them to feel successful. Of course, employment discrimination can often hinder these goals for many people in New York and elsewhere and result in them facing a stagnant career.

One woman in another state has faced such an issue with her job. Reports stated that she works for an automotive group and holds a sales manager position. However, the woman has wanted to advance to the higher position of general manager. Two individuals who had left that position recommended her for the job due to her qualifications, but reports stated that the job was repeatedly given to equally or less-qualified male workers. In fact, the woman has missed out on the promotion nine times.

As a result, the woman filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and a lawsuit has recently been filed against the automotive group. They hope the suit will result in compensation for the woman in relation to back-pay she would have received as a general manager and for other damages. They also want the company to utilize programs and policies to prevent gender discrimination in the future.

Most women understand the concept of the glass ceiling that prevents them from advancing in their careers. However, this concept is fueled by employment discrimination, and there are legal options available for fighting back. New York workers who have been treated unfairly on the job due to their gender may want to find out more information on the steps for seeking justice.

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