New York employers must meet sexual harassment requirements

Many workers may wonder what their employers’ responsibilities are when it comes to providing safe work environments. Often, laws and regulations are in place to help limit and prevent instances of sexual harassment and other wrongdoing in the workplace. Of course, some employers may need to brush up on their compliance.

New York employers have until Oct. 9 to meet new requirements regarding sexual harassment prevention. The first requirement involves providing a policy that prohibits sexual harassment. That policy must include a statement prohibiting such harassment, examples of prohibited acts, a complaint form, company procedures for reporting and investigating complaints, and other information. This policy must be given to workers as either a hard copy or in electronic form. Employees must also have the ability to access and print the policy during work hours.

Employers must also have annual sexual harassment training for all workers. The training must include an interactive component, such as allowing employees to ask questions or having employees provide feedback on the training. The training must also provide examples and explanations of sexual harassment, explanation of additional responsibilities for supervisors and managers, and other information. Additionally, employers can no longer require arbitration or utilize nondisclosure agreements when it comes to sexual harassment complaints.

Compliance with laws and regulations regarding sexual harassment can help prevent such wrongdoing in the workplace. If New York employees believe that their employers have not complied with the law or if they have been the victims of sexual harassment while at work, they may want to speak with knowledgeable attorneys. Legal professionals can provide important insight into how to handle such situations.

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